Business Consulting
Our professional consulting services help your business to reach your goals effectively and efficiently through expert business strategies and creating the structures and processes that facilitates healthy growth.
Innate Intellect Evaluations
Our evaluations provide an objective 36 page profile on how your brain is wired. You will discover your learning style, strengths and weaknesses about your personality, and find out about your 8 different intellects.
Sales Training & Executive Coaching
Our exciting sales training program will enhance your sales growth and motivate your sales staff. Our dynamic executive coaching will help facilitate a positive working environment, stronger communications and powerful leadership.

There is a lot of fear and trepidation from employees when they hear about a Human Resource Consultant. Most often, when employees think of a " HR Consultant" coming in, they think of the Bob's from Office Space coming in to interview them for their own jobs. The atmosphere that it creates is very demoralizing and can be very costly and destructive to the company.

What if there was a way to approach HR Consulting that fostered a positive atmosphere for the company, cut costs and increased productivity all at the same time? That is what the Growth Approach is all about. The most exciting aspect of the approach that Leaders Moving Forward takes is that we get to learn great insight, both very positive and the negative, regarding the environment and culture of the company.

Most importantly, this unique strategy allows us to gaze into other areas of your company that are outside of HR which we can then use to create stronger efficiency, cost savings and new strategies for growth. Our solution allows all employees, regardless of position, time or title, to take part in the growth of the company. This creates an environment of belonging, vesting and loyalty.

The Bob's from Office Space
Don't work with the Bob's. We invite you to work with true Leaders that will Move your business Forward.

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