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If you haven't seen this video yet you are in for a treat. Simon Sinek articulates very well just how important your Why is for your business.

The reality is that most business owners have a great understanding of What they do and How they do it but often never focus on Why they do it.

The Why of your business may be more profound then you might first realize. Sure we all want to make money, but if that is your only Why, then chances are that you will inspire no one and you are limiting your success.

While I am no fan of Nietzsche, I do like this particular quote. “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” When you realize how important your Why is for your business, it can do wonders in transforming it into the business you want it to be. It can even transform the culture into something powerful and exciting both inside and outside the business. 

Every business on the planet knows What they do and How they do it. It is when a business provides their unique Why that it sets itself apart from others, becoming a leader in their industry. What is your Why?